Our firm gladly defends your interests in each of the practice areas listed below. This may involve consultancy services, assistance in judicial or non-judicial proceedings (e.g. arbitration), or drafting legal documents such as agreements, general terms and conditions, minutes,….

If you are in doubt whether your question or case falls within the scope of the following practice areas, please do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Should you be of the opinion that your question or case concerns multiple practice areas, one of which is not mentioned below, our firm will seek to solve your case in cooperation with experts in such niche areas.

Commercial law

(collecting invoices, commercial agency, commercial disputes regarding the execution of agreements, drafting commercial agreements/general terms and conditions,…)

Trade Practices / Consumer law

(analysis of the conformity of general terms and conditions with trade practices law, disputes regarding advertising, advice and proceedings with regard to consumer law,…)

Real estate and construction law

(disputes during construction, Breyne Act, neighbour disturbance, drafting real estate sales agreements, disputes regarding real estate transactions,…)

Corporate law

(assisting in acquisition transactions, drafting documents regarding corporate housekeeping, disputes amongst shareholders, directors’ responsibility,…)


(residential lease, commercial lease, drafting lease agreements,…)

Intellectual property law

(patent law, copyright issues,…)