Apart from the content of your file, the financial aspects (legal fees) are, without any doubt, of undeniable importance to you.

This is why, prior to providing our services, we make transparent arrangements with regard to the fees and costs that will be charged. After all, good arrangements are essential for both parties.

The rate of the legal fees varies, depending on the extent and the complexity of your case, and other variable factors. Fee rates vary between 120 and 175 EUR per hour. Office costs are a fixed percentage of the hourly fees that are charged.

Various arrangements can be made with regard to legal fees, within the limits of what is legally allowed and always with respect to the professional rules of the bar, e.g. hourly fees, a fixed amount, a partial fixed amount combined with a variable fee related to the financial intake or the result of your file, a fixed payment tariff,…

While handling your file with care and on the basis of a “hands-on” approach, the financial aspects of your file will be carefully monitored as well: costly interventions or long unnecessary memoranda are avoided. You will be involved at all times in the financial evolution of your file and you will be informed of the fee estimates of further interventions (if possible), in order to grant you full control about your finances.

By providing you with periodical invoices, we make sure that you are not suddenly confronted with the total cost of your file, but that fees and costs are spread in time.